Foothill Development Group can provide the entire project concept, within the constraints of the land shape, neighborhood, lot size and zoning parameters of the City or County.
Streetscape, views, slope, trees and sometimes rock formations can be shifted from problems to eventually become features. Each of our past Projects have had their own personality, and challenges. We have developed starter homes ($205,000 range) to custom ($1,400,000).
We prefer to work with the Architects, Engineers and Municipalities early, sometimes prior to the land purchase to insure feasibility, and to eliminate later surprises.


Our experience with the State, County and City legal requirements has been invaluable during the Development process.
All of our projects have been built from grading, utility, paving and lighting work as a foundation.


We have the experience, simply put. Foothill Development Group has constructed over 140 homes in many locations, from foundation to window blinds.
Our reputation is widespread, and something we have worked hard to achieve.
Please ask for a list of addresses and references.